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OCR services for printed books offers exceptional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services for printed materials and is a leader in the e-book conversion industry, providing the fastest project turnaround times and affordable prices for its clients. The OCR process for printed materials involves scanning physical format materials, while our conversion experts ensure that specialized programs accurately duplicate the content. Unfortunately, no OCR program is 100% perfect, and most of them only offer an output quality of 50% to 75%. That’s where we come in. The experts at dedicate countless hours to your manuscript until it has been duplicated flawlessly, and we won’t stop working on your manuscript until you are 100% satisfied. boasts a conversion accuracy rate of 99%.

The ease or difficulty of OCR processing for printed materials depends on the type of material presented. Most of the printed materials we receive are quite old, and many of them are bundled and challenging to decipher. In these scenarios, the conversion process becomes tedious as these printed documents cannot be perfectly scanned, resulting in numerous design and typographical errors. Optimizing the scanned document through OCR software and manual intervention is the only solution to obtain a 100% accurate file from these unique printed materials. But rest assured, has served thousands of satisfied authors and publishers.

We provide OCR services for all types of printed materials, no matter how archaic, messy, or challenging to read they may be.