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Conversion to Kindle Mobi

Want to increase the readership of your books? There are several ways to boost your book sales and the Internet is the key. Technology has advanced considerably and eBooks are the wonder of this new technological age. Convert your printed book into an eBook for Kindle and you can easily reach new audiences. With the growing popularity of eBooks, Kindle Mobi and ePub formats are constantly on the rise. Through our Kindle conversion services, we will handle all the heavy lifting of conversion once your paper book has been approved.

ePubMatic is a professional provider of ebook conversion and formatting services for Kindle Mobi, offering reliable, high-quality and cost-effective services for a wide variety of file formats, including Word, hard copy, HTML, PDF, Quark, InDesign, among others. We supply all types of publishers, as well as authors who wish to electronically publish their manuscripts, so that they can easily attract readers from around the world and successfully generate revenue. We will convert any media you provide us with into a perfect digital book, easy to use and compatible with reading devices such as Kindle, Sony Reader, Kindle DX, Kobo e-reader, Noble Nook, Adobe Digital Editions, iPhone, among others. Our conversions are compatible with both computers and mobile devices, and comply with various open standards such as XHTML and OEB. Kindle conversion services also support multiple languages, including English, French, German, German, Portuguese and Italian.

Why choose our Kindle conversion services

Amazon Kindle is one of the leading online e-book formats available in the market today. Over time, Amazon has released an updated and newer version of Amazon Kindle, which has been widely used by users all over the world to read their favorite books in digital text format. A very important feature of Kindle conversion services is its easy compatibility with different reading platforms, such as Blackberry, Windows PC, Symbian and Windows-based smartphones.
Advantages: The Kindle conversion services offer a number of benefits and features:
  • Kindle publishing will allow your business to enter the most popular e-book publishing industry.
  • Amazon, which is the largest online store for Kindle conversion, offers a wide variety of titles and books that can be downloaded for a very affordable price. In fact, it also allows wireless downloading and free reading of the first chapters of books.
  • Another important feature is its easy compatibility with different reading platforms, such as Windows PC, Blackberry/Android or Windows-based smartphones, among others.
  • You can include up to 100 embedded links in your converted documents.
  • Through Kindle conversion, it is possible to correctly include graphic elements such as formulas, graphs, charts, diagrams, images, lists, etc.
  • With the growth of e-book technology, Kindle conversion has opened a new window of opportunity for authors and publishers, allowing them to present their documents in Kindle format for all online readers.

Why choose ePubMatic for Kindle conversion services?

At ePubMatic we have extensive experience in Kindle conversion services, having successfully completed various projects for publishers, writers, universities and large multinationals worldwide. Our highly skilled team has years of experience in the field of eBook formatting for Kindle and understands clients’ needs in the best possible way to provide them with a perfect solution in record time.
Benefits of outsourcing Kindle to ePubMatic conversion services: At ePubMatic, you will get a wide range of incredible benefits from outsourcing Kindle conversion services:
  • Ability to handle complex Kindle conversions from any file format in the shortest time possible.
  • Our conversion rates are economical and affordable for everyone, meeting all necessary Kindle conversion compatibility standards.
  • All our professionals have extensive experience and high skills in converting almost any type of file format, including PDF to Kindle, Word to Kindle, InDesign to Kindle, or printed book to Kindle.
  • We are able to create Kindle e-books that can be viewed in color on Kindle apps and Kindle Fire, and in grayscale on all other Kindle devices.
  • Our work will reflect the original interior design and format as faithfully as possible, ensuring both the standard printed book and the converted Kindle e-book versions are stable.
  • Our response time is very quick, as we can deliver a straightforward textbook conversion to Kindle within 48 hours or as per client requirements.
  • Our e-books with Kindle format designs are always attractive with their readable fonts, stunning layouts, and appealing graphics.
  • Our team of experts has extensive experience in handling a large volume of conversions to execute high-quality formats within the stipulated time.
  • We conduct two levels of quality verification to ensure error-free files and proper display on e-readers.
  • We will provide you with 100% accuracy in conversion, where the text is copyable. After completing the work, if minor changes are required, we will make them at no additional cost.
  • We don’t charge extra for creating links in the table or adding a cover to the book. We offer a guarantee for all our work, and in case you encounter any issue, we will help you resolve it.
  • Our staff will also guide you on how to upload the file format to Kindle and will offer many other resources to help you upload the file.
  • We carry out the entire process manually, without involving automated processes, to maintain the originality of the content. We believe in continuous improvement by building a strong relationship with customers based on respect and trust.
  • We also guarantee the confidentiality of your projects and offer perfect firewall protection for all your data.
  • Many of our satisfied customers also recommend us to other publishers and authors for Kindle conversion services.
At ePubMatic we can help you with all kinds of Kindle Mobi conversion services. So send us your data manuscript and perform any kind of Kindle conversion, and we will convert it into first-class eBooks within your time limit.

Kindle conversion formats managed by ePubMatic

We can handle any type of book format to be compatible with Kindle. ePubMatic is competent enough to handle conversion to Kindle (.mobi and Mobipocket, i.e. .prc) from a wide range of different formats. We accept hard copies, including novels, magazines, books, encyclopedias, etc., which will first be scanned using high-capacity scanners and then sent to OCR before converting them to Kindle format. We provide the following services to our customers:
  • Printed copies
  • Scanned copies to Kindle
  • HTML files to Kindle
  • Text files
  • PDF to Kindle
  • XML to Kindle
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • QuarkXPress documents
  • Adobe InDesign conversion to Kindle