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Conversion to ePub

What is ePub format?

Let’s start by explaining what ePub means and why it is so important. ePub is the most recognized format when it comes to electronic publishing and is considered the international standard for electronic books. This means that on a daily basis millions and millions of readers who use mobile devices to read their favorite books are using the ePub file format.

Since ePub has become one of the most widely accepted formats and is compatible with many of today’s devices, such as Apple’s iOS-enabled tablets and smartphones and Google’s Android OS-enabled smartphones and tablets, it is very important for e-book and other content publishers to adopt the ePub format for their content. Converting to ePub from any file format is very easy, which makes this service important for authors and publishers alike.

Speaking of e-book publishers, with the variety of ways in which e-books are produced, it is no wonder that there is a need for a standard format such as ePub. This is because people use a wide range of software programs to create their specific content, such as word processors, design programs and others.

The importance of ePub conversion

In a world where a large amount of content is created, conversion to ePub format has become essential and very useful. At ePubMatic, we offer a wide range of services, including ePub Conversion, for content providers. Our highly trained team with years of experience can handle virtually any type of ePub conversion you may need. Below is a brief list of the many conversion services we offer to our clients:
  • PDF to ePub
  • MS Word to ePub
  • InDesign to ePub
  • Printed book to ePub
  • Quark to EPUB
  • XML to EPUB
  • Scanned book to EPUB
  • ePub with embedded video
  • ePub with embedded audio
  • Fixed Layout ePub
  • iBooks to Kindle conversion

Advantages of directly converting e-books to ePub format

For publishers of electronic content, it makes a lot of sense to use a format such as ePub, as it is compatible with most mobile and desktop devices used by readers around the world. Converting to ePub also makes it much easier to create files that can be distributed through multiple channels, which helps reduce production costs. In addition, using the ePub format allows for easier conversion to other formats such as .mobi or .rtf. The standard ePub format makes it more cost-effective for both the publisher and the reader by lowering the costs involved. Also, having a standard format facilitates networking and sales channels. With the wide variety of devices used to read books today, the ePub format easily adapts to the screen size, whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

At ePubMatic, we offer you a wide range of ePub conversion services. Our commitment is to deliver everything we promise, with the highest quality and timeliness, backed by our dedicated team with years of experience. No matter the size of the project, we will always deliver top quality results. We have the expertise to convert virtually any type of file format to ePub format.

Devices currently on the market that support the ePub format

The reason why ePub is considered the gold standard for the eBook format lies in its wide compatibility with reading devices. Here is a detailed list of readers that support ePub:

ePub Reading Devices

  • Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Kobo Reader
  • Sony Reader
  • Onyx’s Boox Reader
  • PocketBook Reader
  • BeBook Reader

ePub Software for Computers

  • Calibre
  • iBooks for Mac
  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Stanza
  • FBReader
  • EPUB reader (Firefox extension)

Using ePubMatic will be highly beneficial for you, for multiple reasons – try it for your next eBook publishing project and find out for yourself!

Why choose ePubMatic?

We have been helping our clients with all their eBook to ePUB conversion projects for many years. Our services are fully guaranteed to always be delivered on time and with the highest quality. Our team has decades of combined experience in the file conversion business and we have developed unique processes that we follow to ensure exceptional results. Whatever the complexity of your eBook projects, we have a pricing package that will fit all your needs, allowing you to easily convert to ePub in any format.

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