Creation and distribution of ebooks and audiobooks

Ebooks with fluid or fixed layout, WCAG 2.0 accessible, certified, Mobi, all formats.
Distribution with only 9% commission! Quality, professionalism and much more. Seeing is believing.

eBook development

In our ebook development service, we specialize in turning your ideas into captivating digital works. Our team of design and layout experts will transform your content into an interactive and visually appealing ebook. Whether you have a manuscript, a set of articles or any other type of content, we will ensure that your work is turned into a quality ebook. We work closely with you to understand your needs and goals. Our customized approach allows us to tailor the design, formatting and interactive elements of your ebook to perfectly match your vision. From an intuitive navigation structure to multimedia elements, we make sure your ebook is an immersive experience for your readers.

Our services

We help content owners to build digital publishing strategies

Pre-project consulting

We can help you clearly define the scope and objectives of your eBook projects.

Stories with multiple routes

Integrating different navigation paths for the reader can greatly enhance the engaging experience of your eBooks.


Creating storyboards for complex content or picture books is a crucial step for the success of a project.

Interactive ePUB development

We have extensive experience in the development of interactive e-books.

Accessible eBooks and PDFs

Accessibility in eBooks and PDFs is essential, we promote inclusion and universal access.

Professional narration

Search and production of professional voice talent for ePUB read-aloud projects.

eBook conversion

Ebook conversion is an essential step to ensure that your content is available in different formats and platforms. Our conversion team takes care of transforming your existing ebook into multiple formats, such as ePub, PDF and MOBI, so that it can be compatible with a wide variety of devices and eBook readers. In addition, we ensure that the conversion is done with precision and quality. We maintain the original layout of your ebook, including images, font styles and content structure, to ensure a consistent reading experience. We also optimize the resulting files so that they are small in size and load quickly, providing a smooth experience for your readers.

eBook distribution

The distribution of ebooks is a crucial aspect to reach your audience and maximize the reach of your work. In our distribution service, we take care of making your ebook available to millions of readers on various platforms and online stores. We work with the major ebook stores and distribution platforms, ensuring that your work is available on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Kobo and other well-known stores. In addition, we also take care of the logistics, including metadata management, proper categorization and promotion of your ebook on the appropriate channels. Our expertise in ebook distribution allows us to optimize the visibility of your work, increase discoverability and boost sales. We are committed to helping you succeed in the digital world and bring your ebooks to a global audience.
Usually, the revenue for the publisher is around 50 – 65% of the book price. You have to consider the following expenses:
  • Our 9% commission (which is the cheapest you can find online, usually other distributors are around 15%).
  • Then there is the store commission (between 25 and 35%) except Amazon, which is between 35 and 45% in case they sell with a wholesale model (they decide discounts or how to sell it better).
  • There is also the VAT, which depends on the country of purchase
  • Finally, the currency exchange rate (for example, if you sell in a store in Brazil in Real, but the customer is in the USA and buys in Dollars…)
It’s not easy with so many details, but you always have all the data available in our reports and statistics.
It is not a service we officially offer, however, we can offer our ISBN at a cost of 30 Euro each. The cost includes the assignment of the code and the registration of the book.
To more than 250 and all the most important ones. Enter your control panel and go to the page DISTRIBUTION >> Linked stores. There you will see all the stores.
Yes, of course! You send us an Excel sheet with all the data of your eBooks and audiobooks and we import everything. You put the files in an FTP folder with the name ISBN.epub and the cover with the name ISBN.jpg. We will take care of the rest. If you wish, we send you a template Excel sheet to fill out.
No. The contract is already signed with the acceptance of the terms and conditions when you register on our website.
Most distributors pay every 3 months. We don’t. We pay WHEN YOU WANT. Log into your panel, click on the ‘PAY ME’ button and we pay. There are no time limits or minimum earnings. Is it 10 dollars? We pay 10 dollars. Is it 10,000? We pay 10.000.
Yes, of course. We have a lot of publishers that sell a lot of works in the public domain. It’s a good business.
No. The contract is already signed with the acceptance of the terms and conditions when you register on our website.