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Converting to Fixed Kindle ePub Layout

At ePubMatic we provide two e-book conversion options:
  1. Fixed layout conversion for ePub and Kindle files.
  2. Responsive layout conversion for ePub and Kindle files.

Converting eBooks with fixed layout for ePub and Kindle

Complex nonfiction books with elaborate illustrations or layouts in the page layout look best in fixed layout conversion formats (also known as fixed layout conversions). A fixed layout eBook has defined pages and can mirror a printed book or a PDF. It can be viewed everywhere except Kindles with eInk technology (such as the original, PaperWhite, or Voyage models). Additionally, it attracts readers due to its more detailed interior design. The idea behind a fixed layout eBook conversion is to emphasize the importance of layout, as much as text, to fully engage readers in a complete sensory experience. This format is perfect for cookbooks, travel books, photography books and especially children’s books, as well as some specialized textbooks. A fixed layout eBook has a specific page size in pixels that allows precise control of the arrangement of text, images, tables, and other objects on the pages. This allows authors and editors to embed fonts, choose specific text sizes, and position images precisely. Double page spreads are used, where a single image can span two pages for dynamic visual impact. The fixed layout ePub also highlights text and images, and allows readers to interact with the images by adjusting the sizes of the graphics presented in your personalized eBook. Does not allow text to wrap automatically, users will need to scroll their e-reading devices to view the full page; The books will consist primarily of images with text overlays in a scrolling style. Genres that are suitable for fixed format conversion include:
  • Cookbooks
  • Illustrated books for children
  • Travel guides
  • Photography books
  • Health and fitness books
  • Art books
  • Comics
  • Some textbooks
  • Some business books

We use the ePub3 format to distribute through Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, and all marketplaces EXCEPT Amazon.

In addition, we use the KF8 format (based on Mobi) for exclusive distribution on Amazon.

Conversion of reflowable electronic books in ePub and Kindle format

Reflowable e-books do not have fixed pages. Text and graphics adapt to fill the reader’s screen based on font and size settings. If your book has a simple layout based primarily on text, converting to a reflowable e-book is a good option, as it can be viewed on all tablets and e-readers, including Kindles with eInk technology. Genres that are often converted to reflowable formats include:
  • Novels
  • Short stories and other genres of fiction
  • Dictionaries
  • Simple non-fiction books with few graphic elements
If you’re not sure which format to choose, please ask us! We can recommend you based on the content of your book and your distribution goals. Reflowable files are available at:
  • MOBI format (for all Amazon Kindle e-readers).
  • EPUB for distribution through Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Google Play and all markets EXCEPT Amazon.

Once we create your eBook files, we’ll test them on different reading devices and polish the code until everything looks perfect: titles, bulleted lists, tables, graphs, footnotes, featured quotes, additional information, images, characters specials and legends.

We guarantee that your final EPUB and MOBI files will pass all validations and be successfully uploaded to online marketplaces. In fact, we stand behind our work for life, so if you find any errors caused by us, we will correct them for free.